Our Story

Our Founder: Kaleena

When Kaleena moved to Chattanooga, TN in 2013, herbalism may have been the furthest thing from her mind. An aspiring musician, she left Syracuse, NY to join an opening bar team with no bartending experience whatsoever. That leap of faith was a turning point for Kaleena - she immersed herself completely in the world of hospitality. From certifications to educational programs, she approached every opportunity to learn and hone her craft, learning from some of the industry’s leading innovators, mentors, and distillers.

Her interest eventually expanded outside of bartending and restaurant management, and in 2016, Kaleena began studying herbalism and volunteering at a local urban farm. Her interest piqued when she picked up a book on bitters, and she placed a large bulk herb order to a Chinese Medicine Shop on the other side of the country, and started making bitters in her studio apartment. This hobby grew into a true calling, and to make her bitters-crafting dream a reality, Kaleena successfully lobbied to reform a House Bill in Tennessee in 2017, which allowed bitters makers to be regulated as non-beverage products in Tennessee. Shortly after, she signed a lease on a manufacturing facility, and The Bitter Bottle was born. 

Today all of The Bitter Bottle’s herbal products are handmade, bottled, and labelled in that facility by Kaleena and our passionate team.

“I realized I could combine my love and admiration of historic cocktail culture with promoting local / regional / sustainable agricultural practices AND create high quality herbal products.”  - Kaleena Goldsworthy-Warnock


Our Story

The Bitter Bottle is a cocktail solutions company that focuses on bringing quality herbal products, sustainable practices, and inspiring education to the hospitality industry.

Our mission is to build cocktails and communities through producing thoughtful, quality products, offering services to help build our growing hospitality industry, and working closely with the agricultural community to foster relationships that benefit our industry in an intentional and meaningful way.


We create products using the techniques of modern herbalists, and intentionally craft them to satisfy the discerning palates of the food and beverage community. We collaborate with working bartenders to create bitters that highlight desirable flavors, ensuring that our herbal products are as delicious as they are wholesome.