March Update

March Update | The Bitter Bottle

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Happy end of March, everyone!

We’ve been a bit busy and have neglected posting as often as we should be – my apologies! I hope once you hear all that we’ve been up to you’ll better understand…

I mentioned in our January update that we recently welcomed an amazing woman to The Bitter Bottle family to assist us in production and also some fun research and development for new products! While that was in part because our company is growing quickly, it was also in part because personally, my family is growing too! As I type this I am currently 7 and a half months pregnant! There are so many jokes I could make about starting a business and deciding it was time to ‘grow’ employees – but I’ll leave that there (for now…). So our growing business – and family – has had me juggling all of the things – and also attempting to spend more time focusing on taking care of myself.

Taking care of ourselves is something I want this business to continue to promote through the use of our herbal products and also the intentions behind them – but it’s not always easy to do! I’m realizing a lot of this firsthand now. Taking a step back, evaluating our goals as a business, and determining what truly makes me happy has shed a lot of light to me lately. While 2020 was still a full 365 days, and much of them were spent tirelessly working despite the external and environmental factors, the stillness and ‘slow down’ mentality is still working its way through every facet of The Bitter Bottle. We are quite literally still working with supply chain delays and issues (why our spring line is going to be out a month later than we originally intended). We are also restructuring our business model to adapt to a more online / e-commerce setting – NONE of which was in the original plan. We have had to slow down to pick up speed. We have had to stop, think, reassess, and find flexibility in our goals.

All this being said, I am so grateful for this company. This company brings me such joy – it gives me an opportunity to learn every day – and teaches me so much about myself. It also has taken on a new meaning as I await the arrival of my soon-to-be-earth-bound-daughter. I cannot wait to raise my child surrounded by plants and a hardworking mother. I so look forward to watching her explore and find joy from our planet.

So at the conclusion of March, I am happy to report we are well on our way to bring you a productive, clear vision of The Bitter Bottle moving forward. We are restructuring our website (be ready for some big changes in the next few months!) – and I’m SO excited to announce a new flavor of bitters launching in April as well as 4 new single ingredient herbal tinctures.

We are expanding on our cocktail kits and will have options for you to purchase these for yourself or your friends to enjoy mini-curated cocktail parties as well!

We are also working with some of our favorite artist friends to bring you some TBB swag (let’s be real… I want some swag, so that’s the driving force behind that one!).

Lastly, we have been creating and fostering wonderful friendships with bartenders all over the US and can’t wait to share their stories and recipes with you all.

There is so much to look forward to – and I cannot wait to share it with you all!

Thank you, as always, for being a part of this incredibly exciting journey.
xx Kaleena

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